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# of Listings: 159
# of Characters: 313
Character in Most Issues: Mike Logan
Group in Most Issues: New York Police Department
Highest Rated Listing: Three Men and Adena
Lowest Rated Listing: God Bless the Child

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Listings Read: 185 ListingsRated: 183
Listings Read (year): 185 Listings Rated (year): 183
Listings Read (month): 90 Listings Rated (month): 88
Listings Read (today): 0 Listings Rated (today): 0
Most Read Listings: Aria Most Rated Listings: Sonata for Solo Organ
Last Listings Read: Vengeance Last Listings Rated: Vengeance

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bill_the_cat Says:
Renunciation: And then, "Speak for yourself big daddy."

Knock it off. You can't pull it off.
bill_the_cat Says:
Renunciation: "Let's rock and roll, big daddy."

Please never say that again. Never.
bill_the_cat Says:
Out of Control: The verdict didn't go the way I expected. A better than average episode.
bill_the_cat Says:
In Memory Of...: I enjoyed the cold case aspects of this episode. It felt more like they were solving a mystery than most episodes do.
bill_the_cat Says:
Aria: Crappy soap opera background music much?
tstarnes Says:
Life Choice: One of the things I love most about Law & Order is all the cameo's, a lot of times before the person ever get's famous. It was great to see a young Clark Gregg pop up in this episode.
tstarnes Says:
The Reaper's Helper: The early season's of this show are secretly a horror series targeted at millennials.
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